Staff Benefits

The NucleusCare suite allows busy staff members to care for residents in a faster, more efficient way.


Send messages

The NucleusCare messaging suite allows your care team to stay connected and updated real-time with the well-being of your residents. Staff can prioritize their time, and check in on the residents who are most in need.

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Audio and video

Staff can check in on residents with a single tap on the screen. They can make a video call directly from the NucleusCare App on their phone, regardless of where they are in the community, or call directly from the web-portal.


Receive alerts

Residents can reach out directly to your care team from the NucleusCare device. Whether it is a response from a survey or message, or a direct video call, the online staff portal keeps everyone engaged at all times.



Whether via the NucleusCare app for your care team, or the online portal, staff can prioritize which residents need attention. Did a blood pressure reading come back too high? Is a resident not taking their medication? Real-time alerts enable on-duty staff to provide the necessary care.