How NucleusCare can help Senior Living


Reduce costs and improve your service offering by using NucleusCare to check in on senior living patients, while allowing them to maintain the independence they value. The NucleusCare Suite will improve your efficiency by helping you increase the number of check-ins performed in a given period of time. Increase your revenue and enhance your service offering by providing the NucleusCare Suite as an add-on service, giving clients an easy way to contact you and families an easy way to stay in touch with their loved ones.


Nucleus has changed the way that I take care of my aging mother. My mom has dementia and we went through a rough patch where I’d have to run downstairs to the basement to check in on her. With Nucleus, she doesn’t have to pick it up. It’s the greatest. I look at her and see that she’s ok and I see that she hasn’t fallen. It’s been a godsend for us. [...] The truly invaluable quality it provides for me is the ability to care for my mother while allowing her to live somewhat independently. It solves the unknown and takes away the uncertainty, while allowing my mother to have the independence she cherishes so much. 

- Kate G., Nucleus Customer