NucleusCare helps residents be healthier, more connected and more active

By providing residents with an easy-to-use interface designed exclusively for seniors, NucleusCare enables them to:


Reduce Social Isolation

NucleusCare enables residents to stay connected. Video communication allows residents to call staff and loved ones. The NucleusCare app allows family and friends to connect face-to-face, as well as send messages and greetings.

Photo Frame.png

keep in touch with family

Residents can feel at home by receiving digital picture uploads from your loved ones via the NucleusCare app. Residents stay updated on the lives of their family, and the pictures turn into a scrolling picture frame for residents to enjoy.

Medication Reminder.png

Receive better care

Residents can be sent notifications for a myriad of health-related tasks: medication reminders, blood pressure, weight. All can be facilitated through NucleusCare, which will create real-time alerts and a call to action for care staff.

Activity Reminder.png

Increase engagement with the community

Sending scheduled reminders to residents about community activities encourages higher attendance. More social engagement with the community is directly related to a healthier and happier life.