How NucleusCare can help your Remote Monitoring company


Improve your remote monitoring service offering by using NucleusCare to enable two-way communication with clients. Reduce emergency occurrences by having a better view into clients’ statuses and reducing the instances of false alarms. Increase patient quality of life and satisfaction by checking in, while allowing them to maintain their independence and by giving them a easy channel of communication with their friends and family. Provide these services, while keeping costs low with Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements for telehealth and telemonitoring in certain states. Contact us to learn more.


Total Home Care Solutions based in Ohio has been successfully using NucleusCare for offering care to adults and children with cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities and seniors who want alternatives to having a staff person in their homes. THS provides the help people need, when they need it, without the intrusion or expense of full-time care. Remote monitoring has increased our efficiency of care and revenue dramatically

- Adam Shoemaker, CEO of Total Home Care Solutions