Built For Senior Living, By Senior Living

NucleusCare is not an off-the-shelf solution. The product is designed based on the needs of the senior living community. Our innovation is inspired because of the changing needs of the industry, and we constantly update the platform based on direct feedback from our partners and their residents.

We are dedicated to your success. It is Our Promise to focus on your needs, deliver technology solutions that enrich the lives of seniors, and enable your organization to operate more efficiently and profitably.


A Partner, Not a Vendor

When you select NucleusCare for your organization, we promise that you are not just our client and we are not just your vendor. We are partners. As partners, we will be frequently consulting with you about features you want to see; willing to create integrations with your existing systems; and happy to customize NucleusCare for your organization.

But even more than gaining our technical expertise, it is Our Promise that being a partner means that we care about you and your organization on a personal level. You invest your time and energy into providing the best care possible for your residents, and we want to assist you in that lofty and worthwhile goal.