Management Benefits

Management can reap significant financial and organizational benefits from NucleusCare by utilizing the following features: 


The current generation of senior expects and demands technology in their residence.  By offering NucleusCare, you position your organization as a market leader when it comes to adopting relevant technologies. Drive occupancy by keeping your residents connected to family and friends, while delivering a higher level of care.  

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Increase resident satisfaction by maintaining corporate standards

Using the “survey” functionality, you can instantly poll every resident at every one of your organization’s communities to understand how each is performing across a host of metrics.

Easy-to-read dashboards and exportable reports give you real-time data on community performance and be able to react to issues before they deepen.

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make your staff more effective and efficient

NucleusCare improves the operation and level of care at your communities. Staff members can use the video calling, messaging, the RSVP feature, and mobile apps to be more efficient. They will spend less time on the mundane, and more time with residents.

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Keep your residents healthier

With both biometric data collection and telehealth capabilities, NucleusCare can alert your staff to health issues before they arise and help you react to them when they do.

Gain a more holistic view of your community

Using the NucleusCare portal, you will be able to gain a deeper, more holistic understanding of the health of your community - how quick does your staff handle calls or alerts? Which residents have stopped coming to activities? How do the residents like the food? With NucleusCare, you will receive quantitative, actionable data on these issues in real-time.