How NucleusCare can help Home Health Care Agencies


The NucleusCare Suite will help deliver a higher quality of care without increasing your staff base or overhead costs, by allowing you to supplement in-person care with remote monitoring. Increased check ins will reduce readmissions by allowing you to monitor patients’ health status through visual cues and Bluetooth enabled biometric monitoring. Two-way video communication will increase patients’ quality of life and overall satisfaction by allowing them to stay in touch with you and their friends and family.

For agencies with capitated or value-based payments, the NucleusCare Suite is the perfect way to increase efficiency and reduce costs without compromising the quality of care you provide, while increasing the number of clients served. Many states offer Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements for telehealth and telemonitoring services. Contact us to learn more.


Nucleus came to the rescue again.  While talking to my client via Nucleus, she described symptoms that led me to believe she might be having a heart attack.  Rather than having to hang up the phone to contact 911, I was able to use Nucleus to keep her calm, call 911 on another line and then communicate questions and answers through Nucleus while dispatching emergency services.  Then, when the EMT and paramedics arrived, they were [surprised to be] able to converse with me using the Nucleus.  They really liked it and got all they needed before transporting her to the emergency room.  Although Helen didn’t have a heart attack, she did receive treatment for other issues that I had concerns about and she is now back home.  Nucleus to the rescue again. 

- Tony, Nucleus Customer