How NucleusCare can help Home Care Agencies


Reduce costs and increase efficiency by supplementing care with video conferencing, while increasing the number of clients served. The NucleusCare Suite will help deliver a higher quality of care without increasing your staff base or overhead costs. Increased check ins will reduce readmissions, while two-way video communication will increase patients' quality of life and overall satisfaction by allowing them to stay in touch with you and their friends and family.


In many ways, my son Nick is a typical guy in his 20s. He stays up all night playing video games [...] and loves anything tech (and Star Trek). He also has a number of health issues. He was born with a serious heart problem [...] and also has a condition that caused a part of his brain not to develop right, which caused intellectual disabilities. [...] Part of my day is using technology to check on him. [...] I use Nucleus to check on how he’s doing. I tell him to shave before going to his job as a houseman at a hotel, to eat breakfast. I used to be on the phone with him constantly, but there’s something different when you see someone. I might have asked him on the phone if he’d taken his meds and eaten his breakfast, but when I’m talking to him on Nucleus, I can see his face is gray and his apartment is a mess. I can get a lot more information.

- Maria P., Nucleus Customer