NucleusCare is communication technology thoughtfully designed to enhance the lives of everyone in a senior living community.  It enables:

  • Residents to be happier, healthier, and more connected

  • Family members to grow their peace of mind

  • Staff to become more efficient and effective

  • Management to drive revenue, maintain standards, and increase staff efficiency

Find out why NucleusCare is the perfect solution for your community.

NucleusCare enables residents to be healthier and stay connected by giving them:

  • One-touch Family Video Calling

  • Digital Picture Frame

  • Medication Reminders

  • Activity Reminders


Families use NucleusCare to increase their peace of mind and feel more connected through:

  • Video calling with loved ones

  • Uploading digital pictures to automatically create an in-room slide show

  • Sending messages and greetings

Staff members use NucleusCare to work more efficiently and effectively by:

  • Sending group and/or individual messages to residents

  • Receiving customizable alerts and RSVPs through message and invitation responses

  • Making audio and video calls to residents to reduce walking and check-ins

  • Prioritizing the attention they give to residents most in need


Management benefits from NucleusCare by:

  • Driving revenue through market differentiation and increased resident satisfaction

  • Maintaining uniform community and corporate standards through simple yet comprehensive survey technology

  • Cutting costs by increasing staff efficiency

  • Staying relevant to a new generation of senior that expect and demand communities to adopt technology

NucleusCare is dedicated to the success of Senior Living organizations. It is Our Promise to focus on the needs of the industry, deliver technology solutions that enrich the lives of seniors, and enable care organizations to operate more efficiently and profitably. NucleusCare is willing to partner with you to customize our suite of products to meet the specific needs of your organization.